Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was tagged by Mila the owner of one of my favorite blogs loveology to do the honesty scrap tag/award, not sure which it is perhaps it's both :/

the ten honest things about me are:

1. I am extremely lazy, i know a lot of people feel that they don't get much done and that they are lazy but i feel that my laziness is much more than that. Almost everyone i know tells me on a regular basis how lazy i am and i think it really irritates others  but i just can't seem to get motivated to do non fun things.

2. I have never driven even though i am old enough to learn i just haven't gotten around to it (see 'lazy' above).

3. I don't think i fit into a stereo type at school but i like to think that every school has a person like me. I am that quiet girl who no one knows about.

4. I enjoy being alone because you can think and observe others and truly appreciate the good in the world as well as the bad.

5. I have two jobs, and i hate both of them because they involve being verbally abused by strangers.

6. I plan to travel around Europe in the year 2010 and that is the reason I have the aforementioned two hated jobs.

7. I prefer night time to day time because when you socialise with people at night they can't see you as clearly and therefore can't judge you on appearance.
8. I have huge fear of sharks, every time i go to the beach i
 have bad dreams the night before about missing limbs and such.

9. I love live music because you can truly let loose and every one around you is doing the same.

10. I found this list very hard to put together  because I'm not usually a very honest person, not that I lie a lot, I'm just not that open.


SICK. said...

i agree with number ten .

& of couuurse we would love to trade links with you !!
consider it done .


iblamecoco said...

i just found your blog, i love it!
i just got a diana + from my parents too. i've got the black/turquoise one. which on do you have?


Cassandra said...

thank you for the comment. yes, the photos are all mine. I do some work as a photographer, though you probably can't tell due to the haphazard organization of the blog. you've got some nice photos on the post below this one, and I'm loving the cobrasnake concert shot above. (is that coachella?)

Newborn Hippy. said...

hey hannah!
I would adore to trade links with you,

-Isabella xxx

Ashleigh Rose said...

I'm travelling Europe in 2010 aswell! How old are you may I ask? I'll be 19 when I go.

Anonymous said...

i love reading these types of things so much. and i completely utterly and totally agree with #4.

Jennifer said...

I love your blog! You have amazing style!

Anonymous said...

happy new year's eve, darling!

La C.

Nathalia said...

I love your blog! I´m always reading, but I never left a comment, so now here I am!Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

What you said about being alone is so refreshing to hear. When the world is quiet and peaceful, to just take the time to sit still and think, and analyze, and be introspective is wonderful. My mother calls me a hermit, but on my days off all I really crave is that quiet introspective time I can't have when I'm with my friends or in a public place. That's the part of me no one ever sees, and I like to keep those two beings, the one with depth, and the one who just wants to enjoy the moment and have fun, separate.

StickyKitten said...

i just found your blog and love this list! it's so funny!! i found myself identifying with it so much=)
happy new year!

Mila said...

So nice to read these things about you.
I recognise some things you've said, like that one about preferring night to day time...