Saturday, October 25, 2008

D.I.Y. body chain

                                                            What you will need:
                                                            regular chain
                                                            thick or different chain

I got the links and chain at a craft store, you can buy it in bags of 1 m (3.28 ft) but I have seen it in roles and you can get as much as you want. I used 2 m of regular chain and only a tiny bit of the thicker chain but it will vary depending on your body shape and size.    

Make a large necklace using the regular chain. When placed over your neck this should hang down to your Breast bone and at the back it should hang between your wing bones.

Using a link attach another piece of regular chain onto the necklace, this piece of chain should hang from the back at your wing bones to the top of your waist. Once this is done attach another link onto the bottom of that chain (this will be used later). 

Using a link attach a piece of the larger or detailed/different chain onto the front of the necklace at the top of your breast bone, this should hang down to he bottom of your breast bone but it can be longer or shorter depending on what flatters you. As with step 2 you will need to attach a link to the end of the detailed chain as this will be used later.

So far, if you put the necklace on, you should have a necklace with two different types and lengths of chain hanging of it on opposite sides. If you don't than you have done something wrong.


This is the final step.
create another necklace  but slightly larger than the first and using the links on the bottom of the two hanging chains attach it. Now you should have something that looks like two necklaces attached by a long chain in the back and a smaller chain in the front.
 THIS IS YOUR BODY CHAIN! you are done(:

At first I had a little difficulty putting it on but i got the hang of it however you could replace one of the links at the top with a catch of sorts to make putting it on a little bit easier.

                                                             To see the chain on go hear