Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was tagged by Mila the owner of one of my favorite blogs loveology to do the honesty scrap tag/award, not sure which it is perhaps it's both :/

the ten honest things about me are:

1. I am extremely lazy, i know a lot of people feel that they don't get much done and that they are lazy but i feel that my laziness is much more than that. Almost everyone i know tells me on a regular basis how lazy i am and i think it really irritates others  but i just can't seem to get motivated to do non fun things.

2. I have never driven even though i am old enough to learn i just haven't gotten around to it (see 'lazy' above).

3. I don't think i fit into a stereo type at school but i like to think that every school has a person like me. I am that quiet girl who no one knows about.

4. I enjoy being alone because you can think and observe others and truly appreciate the good in the world as well as the bad.

5. I have two jobs, and i hate both of them because they involve being verbally abused by strangers.

6. I plan to travel around Europe in the year 2010 and that is the reason I have the aforementioned two hated jobs.

7. I prefer night time to day time because when you socialise with people at night they can't see you as clearly and therefore can't judge you on appearance.
8. I have huge fear of sharks, every time i go to the beach i
 have bad dreams the night before about missing limbs and such.

9. I love live music because you can truly let loose and every one around you is doing the same.

10. I found this list very hard to put together  because I'm not usually a very honest person, not that I lie a lot, I'm just not that open.